PP2+ to USB

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PP2+ to USB

Post by gastric » Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:12 pm

Realizing that the PP2+ drops are 9V 250ma and USB is 5V 500ma I've found that at least one of my larger format devices a Zoom B3 has some unusual power options.

* 9V 500ma adapter using a standard BOSS style plug via provided wall wart
* USB bus power

I'm assuming the USB power must have some internal charge pump to bump it to 9V? Anyway, I'm assuming more and more products will include USB bus power and I was curious if there were any plans to offer straight USB power or barrel-to-USB cable / adapter for users to experiment with? Perhaps options to consider for future products?

Note that I realize with the B3 specifically I can just plug in a normal barrel connector. But for other products an adapter or USB power for power would be potentially useful.

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