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Appreciative Note

Post by lutelover » Wed Jan 19, 2011 2:44 am

I am writing a note of appreciation for Voodoo Lab making their products in the US. I had a choice today between the new CAE/MXR unit (for $199) and the PP2+ (for $169). If I would have gone on features alone, I likely would have purchased the CAE/MXR unit. The factor that "tipped" my decision to purchase the PP2+ was -- in addition to all the positive reviews of the PP2+ and my positive experience as an owner of Ground Control Pro and GCX units -- the "Made in USA" label instead of the "Made in China" label on the CAE/MXR unit.

It has to be incredibly difficult providing the quality and features of the PP2+ while the other unit is being manufactured in some factory paying people $1 an hour. I appreciate that Voodoo Lab -- apparently -- continues to support American labor and workmanship in its manufacturing process. My hat is off to you all!

I fully realize, too, that the opinion expressed above is probably a "minority one." Nonetheless, forced to live with under the current illusion of "a free market," I realize I, at times, also have the choice, by my purchases, of which country's workers and standard of living to support. When I can, I almost always support US workers and our standard of living (while being far from some "blind red-white-and blue patriot" of this very imperfect land).

Thank you, folks at Voodoo Lab, for giving me the choice to do so! Because of that -- as well as the quality of the PP2+ -- I chose your product! For some of us, that means a lot.

Dr. Douglas Thompson

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