H9 power cutting out from PP3+

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H9 power cutting out from PP3+

Post by LloydEmAll » Tue Sep 20, 2022 7:20 pm


I'm having an issue where my H9 is intermittently losing power from my pedal power 3+. This doesn't happen when I have it plugged in to the recommended Eventide power supply. With the PP3+, I'm using the black-to-red cable with the red end in the H9, and I'm even using a current doubler from two of the 500mA 9VDC outputs so in theory it's receiving 1000mA of juice which should be more than enough.

Could the entire PP3+ unit may be past its limit? Here's the list of what it's powering:
- Eventide H9: 500mA (9VDC)
- Empress ZOIA: 300mA
- Strymon Timeline: 300mA
- Strymon Nightsky: 300mA
- Strymon Deco v2: 300mA
- Strymon Sunset: 250mA
- RJM MEGX: 200mA
- Fairfield Accountant: negligible
- Boss TU-3: 55mA

Total: ~2.2A

Would this be an issue? Am I better off powering the H9 out of the 12v output instead?

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

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