New Voodoo Labs additions - some questions....

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New Voodoo Labs additions - some questions....

Post by drew_fx » Mon Oct 26, 2009 12:36 pm

Hey all!

Recently bought two Pedal Switchers and one Commander, to make switching effects in our songs a bit easier. There are multiple places within our songs that I need to go from clean, with delay+reverb, to distortion, with nothing at all; or where I'm playing with the clean channel, and need to go straight to distortion with delay... etc.. etc...

Basically; Trying to solve the dreaded tap-dance scenario. So....


Right to left:

Ernie Ball Jr. Volume pedal
Budda Wah
Boss TU-2
Boss GEB-7 EQ
Fulltone OCD
Line 6 DL-4
Malekko Echo 300 Dark
Malekko Echo 600 Bright
Digitech Hardwire Reverb
Pedal Switcher x2

As soon as the Control Switcher becomes available, I will be adding that to my rig so that I can easily switch everything from one footswitch. I've got the tuner plugged into the very first loop; for silent tuning.

Now; a few questions:

Should I use buffered or unbuffered inputs on these pedal switchers? All the pedals on the 2nd switcher are true-bypass, most on the first are not. I'm not sure if I really care about true-bypass... I've noticed that sometimes I like the tone change that a pedal can introduce.

I play with a Laney VH100R currently. It has a bunch of effects loops. I've been thinking about plugging the 2nd pedal switcher into the master effects loop, so I can then have footswitchable effects AFTER the preamp of my amplifier; does anyone have a similar thing going on?

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Re: New Voodoo Labs additions - some questions....

Post by dwoovre » Thu Dec 17, 2009 3:01 pm

Should I use buffered or unbuffered inputs on these pedal switchers?
The only way to know the answer to that one is to try it with your rig and see how it sounds. The buffer in the Pedal Switcher killed the dynamics on my OCD in a very significant way, so I use the unbuffered input on the Pedal Switcher in front of my amp. I have another Pedal switcher in the loop, and that one utilizes the buffered input.

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