A New Idea I'm Working On

Share pictures of your racks and pedalboards featuring Voodoo Lab products.
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A New Idea I'm Working On

Post by ebay » Fri May 15, 2009 12:10 am

Heavens! There's no Voodoo Labs products in the picture. I just fixed that though but the picture isn't updated. I added a Micro Vibe between the Eternity and the Tuner. Meanwhile, I'm shopping for a used Pedal Power 2 to swap out for the Brick. Nonetheless, it's been pretty quiet. I need to order a couple of the special cables for my Klon and the pre-LED version of the Vibe I picked up from VL. I'm glad they had them to order and even mentioned the Klon because Bill actually sounded scary when he said you could fry the unit with a tip negative one.


BTW, in case you're wondering, each slat has a little 3/8" strip at the top that locks it into a channel in the binder (at the top). This keeps them from slipping out. Another thing that I'm doing is using 1/8 aircraft hobby plywood and it flexs enough to allow getting the pedals in close and just bending it to unplug them. I'm more than ever convinced that all pedals should have the in/outs at the top to save space. I can get them really close when they are set up like that. VL has the right idea here and any I order from Sean (Lovepedal) or Mike (Analogman) are going to be on the top.

The first version was with the slats mounted in a picture frame sort of thing and I was going for the appearance of the first Dune movie in design (sort of kitchy art deco) but now I'm heading for this slat idea. It's totally easy to add/remove a slat and make a new one to fit in tight. Version three is going to be in an arch but that takes some tools I don't have. Of course, that one will be more viable as a product because it would be harder to make. This design is so simple, anyone could hack a reasonable copy out.

-Mark Henri

P.S. I hate Velcro on pedalboards.

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Re: A New Idea I'm Working On

Post by Chugs » Sun May 17, 2009 5:38 am

Nice to see someone else with the GI fuzz. I have the Gi and the Neo by Mi Audio and I think they are great, underrated fuzz pedals. How does the GI sound in front of the Fulltone?

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