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Re: Rack on its way

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 2:07 pm
by Marlboro05
Hi there,
I did a re-jig again, I took out the Switchblade 16, they take so much away. Now the whole preamp section can push the power amps harder. It sounds so much better. I have utilised the Rane Mixer again and glad I have, TC Electronic G Major 2 is in the loop of the SM82S.

I’ve got the Recto Recording and 2:100 totally seperate now, they do their own thing but it is still controlled by the GC Pro’s and the Mini Switch Gizmo.

The rest of the system is controlled by the GCX, Voodoo Gear Rocks!!

I have changed the order to make wiring a lot easier and more tidy!!
I have rewired the pedal drawer to tidy it up a bit!!
Well hope you guys and gals like the pics.