Nice Rack Canada | ES8 + H9 = Devine

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Nice Rack Canada | ES8 + H9 = Devine

Post by Vegas » Sat Nov 12, 2016 11:14 am

If pristine tone & infinite flexibility in your signal flow are important to you then the ES8 + H9 = Devine!

Nice Rack Canada recently completed this system build for a local client who wanted to enjoy the tonal bliss of a professionally built pedalboard system with infinite forward flexibility in the signal path to adapt to any material he may want to play.

By combining the Dynamic Signal Routing of the Boss ES8 Switcher & Controller with the Eventide H9's ability run 53 different effect algorithms with studio quality audio, the client has the ability to make his rig be anything he needs it to be for years to come.

We installed some of the client favorite pedals to compliment the workhorse capabilities of the Eventide & Boss products, and done with some unique updates.

The JHS BunRunner is a 2 stage pedal that requires manual switching for each stage. To better integrate the BunRunner into a programmable switching system we modified the pedal to have 2 sets of inputs and outputs so that each stage of the pedal can be recalled as part of system preset. With the ES8's dynamic routing capabilities, each stage of BunRunner can be placed anywhere in the signal chain.

The Boss ES8's 2mΩ Input & Return values are great for loading the outputs of pedals very nicely, in some cases analog harmonic enhancing devices need to have the signal impedance optimized at the pedal's input stage. We built up a pair of our "Fuzz Buffers" that are inline between the ES8's sends and the inputs of the 2 stages of the BunRunner. These buffers allow the user to dial the exact input impedance and gain structure combination that works best with the clients pick ups and amp.

By utilizing the ES8's MIDI functionality & Expression Control functions, we were able to install a custom Tap Tempo switch that is mapped to the H9's via MIDI. The Strymon El Capistan is also Tempo sync'd thanks to a minor mechanical modification we made to the pedal.

The system's single Expression Pedal is assigned per preset to either H9 via MIDI or via Analog connection to the El Capistan's Expression Pedal jack.

The default signal flow for the system is;

Guitar --> Wah --> ES8 Input --> Loop 1 Wampler Ego Compressor --> Loop 2 Nice Rack Canada Fuzz Buffer + JHS BunRunner Stage 1 (Tone Bender) --> Loop 3 Nice Rack Canada Fuzz Buffer + JHS BunRunner Stage 2 (AstroMess) --> Loop 4 Xotic BB Pre --> Loop 5 JHS Morning Glory --> Loop 6 Eventide H9 #1 --> Volume Loop Send to Amp Input / Amp Send to Volume Pedal to Volume Loop Return --> Loop 7 Strymon El Capistan --> Loop 8 Eventide H9 #2 --> Out 1 to TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper to Amp Return. ES8 Tuner Out to Peterson Strobostomp Classic.

The Mesa Mark V amplifier is controlled by the RJM Music Mini Amp Gizmo.

The system is powered by Voodoo Lab's Pedal Power 2+ & 4x4.

Bring us your sonic wishes, we make them come true on a scale you've never imagined.

Nice Rack Canada
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