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Author:  BTPA USA [ Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Best-Tronics Pro Audio // KCDC - JB (Angus) // Kemper Rig

Here is an album of the gutiar rig that we built for JB of KC/DC - AC/DC Tribute.

The Kemper Amps is ran direct (sometimes mono, sometimes stereo). The Matrix Power Amp in the rack is for the Atomic Amps AmpliFire on the pedalboard. The Amplifire is used as a failsafe or backup for the Kemper. It is easily switchable from the pedalboard via the A/B function of the Line 6 G70 wireless unit.

One PowerCON Out in the rack feeds the Pedalboard's Power supply. Another PowerCON out is ran to the pedalboard, which passes through the Pedalboard's panel, as a power source for a stage monitor. The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital is being used to power the Peterson Tuner, Line 6 G70 unit, and the Atomic AmpliFire (via a current doubler cable).

The rack case used was a Gator Cases shallow rack case, which alotted for a tight squeeze on all of the cabling.
Inside of the rack case is also a PoE injector for the Kemper footswitch & running longer cable lengths.

The "XLR IN" is passivle split to both XLR outs on the pedalboard should John ever want to patch through XLRs for stage monitor(s).

There was also a loom built for an easy setup and teardown of everything.





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