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Nice Rack Canada | Half Moon Run | Isaac Symonds
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Author:  Vegas [ Sat Jul 18, 2015 11:02 am ]
Post subject:  Nice Rack Canada | Half Moon Run | Isaac Symonds

This week's Half Moon Run pedalboard system by Nice Rack Canada is for multi instrumentalist Isaac Symonds.

This system has a signal flow that is a little bit different than most systems we build. Due to Half Moon Run's travel logistics, we had to design the entire system around a 32 kilogram / 70 pound limit for case & contents.

Inputs are Vocals, Guitar, Snare Drum, & Drummer Vocal, all routed to the mixer and then sent pre-fader into 2 different effects chains from the Auxiliary Sends. Path #1 is Send >> Boss RV5 Reverb >> Strymon TimeLine >> Big Sky >> Mobius >> Return Path #2 is Send >> Electro Harmonix Vocoder >> Return. Both Returns are Sent to the Master Out which is routed to FOH & Monitors.

Isaac uses presets from the RJM Music MasterMind GT10 to change Strymon PC#'s and Remote Activate the RV5 & Guitar Tuner/Mute. The Snare & Drummer Vocal are toggled manually as desired by the player. To effect MIDI control over this functionality we used the Inserts on the Snare & Drummer Vocal Channels. The send & return of the Insert are routed through a DPDT Relay which is activated by a RJM Music Switch Gizmo.

The Guitar Path is Muted by a Boss TU3 Tuner which is also remote activated by the Switch Gizmo by way of a Control Jack we added to the Tuner, same story with the RV5.

With the rigid weight criteria, we had to split the system into two halves "Control" & "Audio" each in it's own case to come in under the luggage weight limit. The Control is at the players feet and the Audio is on a keyboard stand next to the player for convenient level adjustments & dub science.

Effects are powered by 2x Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital

Whatever criteria your gig puts on you & your gear, we've got custom solutions that fit. Contact us with your system needs.

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