Metrohippie's pedalboard

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Metrohippie's pedalboard

Post by Metrohippie » Wed Aug 19, 2009 5:48 pm


While not as exciting as some of the boards here, here is what I use as a bass player in a jazz band (more like aggressive jazz improv. You know, the kind that would send Kenny G running away screaming cause we just kicked him in the nuts)

The day I took this picture a friend came over to jam & forgot his pedals
so we threw some unused pedals I own & plugged them into unused outputs on my Pedal Power. 2 instruments, 2 players, 2 amps, 1 Pedal Power, what a bargain! I probably wouldn't do that in a live setting (mostly cause I am the only one in my band with strings) but, if I had to the unit pulls it off wonderfully with no added noise.

By the way..... the unmarked green pedal is a Proctavia. I scare our keyboard player with that every time I turn it on! :lol:

Coming soon(tm) I just got a Ground Control Pro & a GCX to add to the pile.
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Still waiting for the Voodoo Lab bass GCX

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Re: Metrohippie's pedalboard

Post by Trueman » Fri Aug 28, 2009 1:30 pm

Nice stuff, so you use all those pedals with Bass? Thats great if you do!
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