Rack mounted Pedal Switcher & Control Switcher

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Rack mounted Pedal Switcher & Control Switcher

Post by VenturaSteve » Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:15 pm

Signal chain:
Guitar ->
Korg tuner -> Morley volume -> Dunlap wah

Pedal Switcher #1
Seymour Duncan compressor (always on) -> Fulltone Octafuzz -> Fulltone OCD
Out to Amp input

Pedal Switcher #2 (in amp effects loop)
Boss Chorus -> Boss Delay -> Boss Flanger -> Boss Rotory

To BBE Sonic Stomp pedal (to amp effect loop return)

Control Switcher used to control amp channel and amp reverb

All controlled with Commander

All powered by a Furman power conditioner

Still working on getting the presets in the best locations and organizing the patch cables.

But so far everything work great !!!

(Sorry - I've tried to upload pictures - file size of 1MG is too large... really)
I'll post on Facebook.

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