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VERTEX - Henry Kaiser Pedalboard #2

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:16 pm
by Desperado
Here is a pedalboard I did for guitar great, Henry Kaiser.

Henry wanted a rig to travel with that fit standard airport carry-on size requirements. I had built Henry a much larger rig in the past for his studio ( ... =1&t=75701), however he wanted an additional smaller/simpler rig for fly dates and traveling.


Passive Input (for Fuzz pedals), 2x Effects Loop Break-Outs (for two independent sets of external effects to be patched into the rig from off of the pedalboard), Tuner Out (to SR Turbo Tuner), Vertex Buffer (output buffer)


Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+


INTERFACE (passive input), Old World Audio 1960 Compressor, Xotic Robotalk, Wilson Colorsound Wah, INTERFACE (break-out insert #1), PTD Tornita (one-off for Henry), Manalay Sound Ronno Bender, Tech 21 Comptortion, Tech 21 Liverpool, Tanabe Dumkudo, Eventide Pitchfactor, EHX Kill Switch (T.C. Electronics Flashback in loop), INTERFACE (break-out insert #2), Neunaber WET Reverb, INTERFACE (output buffer)