VERTEX - Henry Kaiser HUGE Pedalboard

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VERTEX - Henry Kaiser HUGE Pedalboard

Post by Desperado » Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:00 pm

Here's a pedalboard that I did for experimental guitarist Henry Kaiser.

Henry wanted a pedalboard that he could use exclusively for his live shows in United States and internationally. He wanted a rig that would allow him to use all of his staple effects and allow him the ability to use the pedalboard with any amplifier.

We started off by building Henry a custom interface to suit his needs mentioned above. Henry primarily uses Dumble amplifiers and he wanted the flexibility to run certain effects in the effects loop of the amp or be able to run those same effects (volume pedal, pitch effects, and time effects) in front of the amp.

Henry wanted to have this selectable via a push-button switch (see interface). Also, Henry wanted the ability to have a Master Bypass so that he could switch between his effected signal and a 100% dry signal with just the guitar and amplifier. This feature also used a push-bottom switch (see interface). Lastly, we installed a Vertex Dual Buffer (inside the interface) to ensure that the signal had no degradation throughout the pedalboard.


The order of the effects are:


INTERFACE (passive), Old World Audio 1960 Compressor, Xotic Robotalk, Wilson Colorsound Wah, Fulltone 70's Fuzz, BYOC Big Muff Clone, INTERFACE (buffer), Tech21 CompTortion, Geiger Counter WMD Civilian Issue, Tanabe Zenkudo Twin, ATD V-Stack, EHX Ring Thing, EBS OctaBass, INTERFACE (buffer)


INTERFACE (send), Ernie Ball VPJR 25K, Eventide PitchFactor, EHX Kill Switch (feeds T.C. Electronics Flashback Delay), Strymon El Capistan, WET Reverb, INTERFACE (return)

*Note the interface allows the flexibility to run all of the pedals wired in the effects loop either in the loop or in front of the amp by switching the FX Loop on/off switch on the interface (black box in upper-right corner).


Custom Pedalboard Design

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