VERTEX - The Ultimate Utility Pedalboard

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VERTEX - The Ultimate Utility Pedalboard

Post by Desperado » Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:18 pm

Here's a pedalboard that I did for a client out in Chicago who wanted something with a ton of options that all fit on a 22" x 16" pedalboard. He needed to be able to use the pedalboard with a myriad of amps with both effects loops and without. He also wanted to have pedals that could serve multiple purposes: overdrives with boost functions, chorus with Leslie/vibrato functions, multiple trem speeds, delay with tap tempo, etc.

The client required a custom interface with a passive insert for a Fuzz pedal, a patchable Vertex Dual Buffer, and an effects loop send/return with the ability to switch between sending the pedals in the loop to the front of the amp when the loop is not used. When the Effects Loop is in the "ON" position the pedals wired for the effects loop will function properly as pedals normally would in the loop. In the "OFF" position the effects wired for the effects loop are sent to the front of the amp.


The client also had me track down a few pedals to get the sounds that he was going for. Firstly, he wanted a versatile Tube Screamer type pedal that gave a range over light to heave distortion sounds, plus the ability to act as a boost. The Rockbox Boiling Point fit the bill very well. It doesn't sound as good as a really nice Tube Screamer, however it can cover a ton of ground better than anything I've come across, and the boost is very KLON-like and woody. I also acquired a TREX Replica and a Josh Smith Dual Trem for the option of nice vintage sounding delay with tap tempo, and some lush Fender tremolo sounds. I also modded the Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz and re-housed it in a more pedalboard-friendly enclosure. I gave it a bit more of an aggressive sound with a tighter bottom end.

Everything sounded great, and had a ton of flexibility to cop most sounds in a fairly dense package.

The order of the effects are:

INTERFACE (passive)--> Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz (Vertex Modded)--> INTERFACE (buffer in/out)--> Boss TU-2 Tuner--> CAE Wah--> Xotic RC Booster--> Fulltone OCD--> Rockbox Boiling Point--> Arion SCH-Z--> Rockett Josh Smith Dual Trem--> Ibanez Digital Delay--> INTERFACE (buffer)

INTERFACE (send) Boss FV-500L--> TREX Replica--> INTERFACE (return)

*Effects loop is switchable to allow pedals wired in the effects loop to be sent to the front of an amp for use with amps absent an effects loop.




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