VERTEX - Tom Bukovac Studio/Touring/Live Pedalboard

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VERTEX - Tom Bukovac Studio/Touring/Live Pedalboard

Post by Desperado » Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:24 pm

Here's a pedalboard I just finished for Nashville studio ace Tom Bukovac. Tom is an amazing player and has played with the likes of many renowned artist including Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Rob Thomas, Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts, Joe *, Vince Gill, Kelly Clarkson, Shania Twain, Toby Keith, Bob Gatewood and more.

Tom wanted a pedalboard that he could use for everything from sessions to live gigs and tours. He also had many custom things that he wanted on the pedalboard and modifications that he needed for various pedals to get his sound. These custom options and modifications included:

- Modding the EHX Memory Man to have an external level control (similar to the DMM)
- Disabling the "PRESET" option on the Empress Superdelay
- Modding the Boss GE-7 for a wider sweep and lower noise
- Modding the Dunlop Volume Pedal with simplified circuitry and a built-in buffer
- Re-housing the Nobels ODR-1 and making it more road-worthy
- Re-housing ZVEX Box or Rock in a larger enclosure with wider spaced switches
- Adding 9V jack and true bypass to the Vintage Script Dyna Comp

EHX Stereo Memory Man (w/Volume Knob)

EHX Stereo Memory Man Modification

I also did a custom interface for Tom which allowed for stereo capabilities with dual output buffers and an input buffer that is switchable ON/OFF for brighter guitars or amplifiers. The stereo outputs are outfitted with an ISO transformer to prevent any noise, grounding, or phase issues. Lastly, the interface was designed to have a patch/effect loop in the middle of the chain following the distortion pedals so any pedal could be inserted into the signal path.


The order of the effects are:

(buffer)--> Korg Pitchblack Tuner--> Boss V-Wah--> EHX POG--> Vintage MXR Dyna Comp--> Xotic RC Booster--> ZVEX Box of Rock--> Nobels ODR-1--> Way Huge Pork Loin--> Boss SD-2--> INTERFACE (effects loop)--> Vertex Dunlop Volume Pedal--> Neo Ventilator (stereo)--> Vertex Boss GE-7--> Keeley Boss TR-2--> Empress Superdelay--> Stereo Memory Man w/Hazarai (stereo)--> Dunlop Tremolo (stereo)--> INTERFACE (buffer + stereo out to amps)

The board sounded extremely organic and raw. This is a fantastic rock pedalboard, it covers a ton of ground, but moreover everything works together so well. Tom and I put a ton of time into this pedal line up and we put almost 3 months into the project from start to finish to go through all the pedal contingencies and modifications that eventually ended up on the pedalboard.





Custom Pedalboard Design

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