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Finally getting there with my rack

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 3:53 pm
by shai-ann

Took longer than I thought, but to those that wait?! So as promised, up for your perusal and comments/criticism, is my rig... still would like to tidy up the cables etc., but at least she's up and running!!

Up front I have a Teece wah, into a Bigshot ABY, then into two VL pedal switchers..
Switcher A- JMI Mk2 Tonebender- Choralflange- Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe- EP3 Echoplex- VL Amp Selector A input- Ceriatone JMP 1986 head- Ho Attenuator-2x12 with G12H30 heritage plus a G12M20 heritage.
Switcher B- Keeley Java Boost- Mad Professor Orange phaser, old script logo MXR 100, Mr Springgy reverb-VL Amp selector B input- Marshall JMP 1987 head- Ho attenuator- 2x12 with Greenbacks.
Use Les Pauls BTW. Obviously all controlled with the GC Pro. Use tuner out on the Amp selector for the Peterson tuner..

I also needed to use the buffered inputs for the Pedal Switchers, as both the Java Boost and the Tonebender are loaded with NOS Mullard Germanium transistors, and they load down the signal of the opposing switcher when either of these units are added in to the mix. I usually run both channels together for a stereo setup.

So I've got two completely independent channels happening that for me personally is getting close to tonal nirvana. Can go from Andy Summers spatial "Walking on the Moon" chime, to Peter Green's "Albatross" to Jimmy Page's Dazed and Confused", all at a click on the GC Pro!! And it's ANALOG, the whole way!! The options are mind blowing- just starting to get a few of them down as we speak.. BIG plus for me over most other Amp selectors like the JX2 Switchbone, or Framptone, was the VL Amp Selector's ability to have TWO input signals , so I could do the complete stereo trip.

The second attenuator (actually they're two attenuators in each unit, making for a total of four, one per amp) is for the Trace Elliot Velocette (into a Celestion Blue) and a 5E3 clone into a 1x12 cab (not shown) loaded with a G1265 heritage. So I've actually got TWO complete stereo setups- the two JMP's, or the two Class A's- or any combination of the above!! The Velocette sounds cool added into the two JMP's when fully dialled out...just kick it in on the Amp selector for some added boost...

Indulgent? Hell yeh!! That's the whole point, isn't it??!! This has been a work in progress for a long time- so cheers to the VL gear for helping me to crystallize the sounds from my head in to actual reality!

Thanks for looking,

Re: Finally getting there with my rack

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 3:56 pm
by shai-ann
Photos aren't showing.... how do i download them to this site?? ( I'm on a Mac if that helps? ) Thanks, Dave

Re: Finally getting there with my rack

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:05 pm
by shai-ann
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