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My new temporary set up, soon to be upgraded.

Posted: Sat May 23, 2020 8:56 am
by markedman
ImageCurrent set up by John Bazzano, on Flickr

Steinberger GR4's, CFH wah-wah, Prescription Electronics Vibe Unit, Corona chorus in front, T-Rex delay & TC hall of fame reverb in the loop. TriAxis pre amp and 50/50 power amp. The speakers and cabinets - top is a Boogie open back with a Mesa Fillmore 75, the middle is a Boogie Thiele with a Celestion C90, the bottom is a Boogie Thiele with a EVM12L, the personal monitor is homemade and has a Black label Boogie EVM12L. Voodoo pedal power and GC Pro.

I just bought a GCX to control my new set up which is in the shop getting maintenance. It's a Boogie Quad pre amp & Strategy 400 power amp. I will use the TriAxis and Quad, switching between them with the GCX. I will bring both power amps to gigs using the 50/50 as a back up.