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Vertex Effect Systems *MONSTER PEDALBOARD* 1/31
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Author:  Desperado [ Sun Jan 31, 2010 12:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Vertex Effect Systems *MONSTER PEDALBOARD* 1/31

Here's a pedalboard that I did for a player up in Portland, Oregon.

This board is huge, 18 PEDALS!!! We went through several different scenarios for pedals, arrangements, and power. Ultimately, we settled on using two Pedal Power 2 Plus' (and daisy-chaining some OD's) for the most consistent and reliable power. I also made a power cabling snake so that the AC cords stay together and neat on stage when the client gigs since two cords are necessary to power the 2 Pedal Power Units.

The board is very quiet with both single-coils and even more so with humbuckers, and has a great variety of tones. This board has a bit of everything on it, and has the widest array of overdrives/distortions that I've ever put on any pedalboard. The board also has a custom interface with buffering built in to provide a strong and uncolored guitar signal all the way through the board. The board may have be giant, but the tone was also HUGE!

The order of the effects are:

Interface IN (from guitar)--> Boss TU-2 --> BBE Ben Wah --> POG 2 --> Pfeiffer Phaser --> Wampler Compressor --> Interface IN/Buffer Out --> Flying Dragon --> Sparkle Drive --> Cusack Screamer --> Zendrive --> Butah --> Timmy --> Crunch Box --> Retro-Sonic Chorus --> Ernie Ball Volume Pedal --> Empress Tremolo --> ClinchFX EP-PRE --> Carbon Copy --> Boss DD-7 --> Interface Out (to amp)




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