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The highly-anticipated Voodoo Lab Dingbat Series of pedalboards – the first pedalboards designed for seamless integration with industry-standard Voodoo Lab Pedal Power® power supplies – are now available for sale through authorized retailers.

Manufactured in Sonoma County, California, Voodoo Lab Dingbat pedalboards offer a rugged, lightweight platform for organizing pedals and keeping cables neatly tucked away and out of view. Dingbat pedalboards are available in three sizes to cover anything from a small fly rig to a large touring system. Also available is Dingbat PX, which features an integrated Voodoo Lab PX-8 PLUS true-bypass pedal switching system, enabling access to 36 preset pedal combinations at the touch of a button. All Dingbat pedalboards include the following:

Professional tour grade padded gig bag providing excellent protection for pedalboard and pedals
Pedal Power® mounting brackets for easy installation of Voodoo Lab power supplies
Adhesive-backed hook-and-loop tape for secure mounting of pedals and other devices to
pedalboard surface
UV-resistant cable ties and 4-way tie mounts to neatly secure cabling
U.S. street prices: Small $129.99, Medium $169.99, Large $199.99, PX $449.99

Adding a Voodoo Lab power supply is quick and easy using only a screwdriver. Also available are Dingbat Power Packages that include a factory-installed Pedal Power for one package price. U.S. street prices are as follows:

Dingbat Power Packages $229.99 to $399.99
Dingbat PX Power Packages $619.99 to $679.99

With simple installation of power supplies, and a variety of factory-assembled configurations including Power Packages and integrated pedal switching, Dingbat makes building the perfect pedalboard easier than ever.

For a list of authorized Voodoo Lab retailers, please visit www.voodoolab.com/dealers

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Voodoo Lab, the most trusted name in pedal effect power supplies and audio switching devices, has designed and manufactured professional electronics for recording and touring musicians since 1986. Rugged, reliable and handmade from the finest components, every product is hand built one at a time in our Northern California facility. Created and built by musicians for musicians, all Voodoo Lab products deliver pure, richly detailed tones that can be heard on the biggest stages worldwide.


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